What's Changing?

A booming economy, the World Trade Organization, privatizations, and increased competition are forcing organizations to re-examine their strategies, processes and results. Developing and implementing efficient processes to deliver solutions, bring new services to the market and provide better customer care through streamlining operations are the means to drive through strategic change and achieve business objectives. Today, IT infrastructure has become the backbone of efficient business processes. Moreover, it is the users, from the CEO to the new recruit, who are responsible for implementing these changes. To deliver, users need continuous access to applications, corporate and market data, email and internet without disruptions from server crashes, security intrusions, slow connectivity and outdated system software. As CEO's, IT directors and department heads are busy tackling the challenges of change, they require their IT infrastructures to be fast, safe, scalable, flexible and above all cost-effective. In today's world an effective IT infrastructure is a critical component in achieving strategic change. Providing this infrastructure, however, is simpler said than done.

I T Infrastructure: The Challenges

At Syssense we define IT infrastructure as the integration of hardware and software used in networks, security, storage and systems plus the tools used in the management of this architecture. Through its many years of engagement, Syssense has identified and noted the key business and technical challenges its clients face in the IT infrastructure arena.


Most IT infrastructures have grown up over an extended period of time resulting in a collection of products and applications both new and old. Problems of interoperability and complexity make IT infrastructure difficult to manage,upgrade and secure resulting in a higher risk of exposure to outages and reduced productivity.


Advancements in technology have undoubtedly made us more productive and given us a competitive edge. However, the complexity, choices and cost of technology available today make the task of selecting the right technology extremely difficult. Moreover, we have to ensure that the chosen technology is cost-effective vice versa our needs, scalable for future growth and flexible for our strategic directions.

Shaping Up

Competition and the demand for greater value are forcing organizations to "cut the fat around the edges." Due to the size and complexity of an organization’s IT infrastructure maintenance alone, absorbs 40% of the allocated IT budget according to Gartner. What remain needs to be used wisely, to ensure expansion and upgrades are aligned with strategic objectives.

Keeping Control

The strategic importance of IT infrastructure is known. However, its complexities and the technical experience and expertise required to efficiently and securely maintain it, is frequently downplayed. Without a doubt, every organization should be in control of its IT infrastructure but, it needs to allow the specialists to advice, integrate and improve this strategic investment. Every day, Syssense is helping its clients address these and other challenges to achieve greater business success by aligning their IT strategy with their business strategy.

The Syssense Solution

Syssense, a local company with over Six years IT experience, is completely focused in the domain of IT Infrastructure Solutions. Experience, expertise, commitment and successful case studies are the hallmarks of Syssense's IT Infrastructure reputation. Across our specialist business lines, Networking, Security, Storage, System and Enterprise Management, Syssense consults, integrates and manages your IT infrastructure striving for hardware and software compatibility plus continual support and improvement to ensure your IT infrastructure and strategic direction stay tuned.

Intergrated Solutions

An effective IT infrastructure implementation will result in significant improvements in organizational productivity. Delivering interoperable and integrated, end-to-end solutions is a core competency of Syssense. All our implementation projects are performed using the Syssense Integration Methodology of Analyze, Design, Construct, Test and Implement. This solution is further strengthened by total project management through Syssense's Project Management Office plus Syssense's Quality Assurance Services. These services enable our professional engineers to deliver systems as detailed in the scope, on time and within budget.
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