“Our clients want innovative solutions. Our technology experts deliver.”

Servers, Workstations, Storage, Business Desktops and Laptops

Our partnership with Fujitsu and Dell help us to offer solutions from Desktops to complex Datacenter solutions.

Networking and Cabling Solutions

Through our partnership with 3M and CISCO, we provide complete Passive and Active cabling solutions. With our expertise in structured cabling, we can implement any type of complex Copper and Fiber Installations and network requirements.


We partner with Panasonic for Analog/Digital and entry Level IP telephone solutions and AVAYA or mid size and corporate IP Telephone requirements. Together with our partnership and our qualified support staff, we are able to bring more and more customers with the completion of each installation.

Routing - Network Security

Our Partnership with Watch Guard and CISCO, help us to offer Routing and Network security at attractive prices without compromise. We help our customers to Lower management and support costs; Lower upgrade and replacement costs, achieve In-depth Customized Security, and increase capacity, performance, or security capabilities

UPS, Power Distribution and Cooling

With the support of APC and OPTI-UPS, we are able to provide Power protection and management solutions from Server Room to data center to industrial environments. We can provide complete solution with the help of our qualified Electricians and IT staff, who are able to do installation, and modification of Electrical circuits in the MDB’s and SMDB’s.

Printing and Document Management

Our Partnership with XEROX, HP and Rex Rotary help us to offer Advanced, feature-rich multi functionality to satisfy advanced Office Document Stations. We help our customers for everything they need to print, copy, scan and fax quality documents quickly and with ease. A smooth office workflow is within reach!

Hardware & Software Installations

SYSSENSE will not leave you hanging after having bought new software or any hardware product, our IT support technicians who are well trained will help you with any hardware and software installations including servers, desktop, laptops, network printers, scanners and other computer hardware accessories. This will develop efficiency of work and save time rather than following installation process with the CD installer or through a website as we understand not all people would have time to understand and go through such process.

Service Maintenance Contract

These days, businesses have become highly dependent on technology and SYSSENSE won’t let you lose your earning just because of some technical problems. We have of this service as the fastest and convenient way of providing resolutions to these technical glitches. This service can be tailored to the client’s preference with regards to the scope, length and cost. We will keep your system working in no time at very cost effective service.

Software Development

SYSSENSE develops software programs for various industries which cater specific business goals and we have development tools to ensure your software is safe, reliable and able to allow for custom add-ons as your business grows.

Web Design and Web Development

We are all aware that technology has become the leading channel in advertising and as such we can help our customers improve their business. Through this feature, our clients will be provided professional and browser friendly website which will capture more customers and generate more sales. SYSSENSE will be your helping hand as you let your business expand and we make sure that you will get the design you want.

PABX Installation

We offer full package of PABX installation suited for each company requirement may it be new installation, expansions, and office relocations. Our installation caters to all brand used for PABX system depending on the client’s preference. Syssense computers will provide the best and the most cost effective PABX system installation tailored to help your business since we know that communication is the most essential aspect of any business.
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